Professional Home Inspection in Austin TX

H2H Professional Inspections, LLC provides the residents of Austin TX professional home inspection services. Our home inspectors understand that this may be one of the largest investments that you will make. We want to help you by providing all the necessary information you need when considering making a house your home. Using our advanced home inspection technology and with 40 years of experience in construction, we provide all the information you will need for your decision.

Home Inspection

We offer a variety of home inspections including Buyer’s Inspection, which meets Texas Standards of Practice, Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection, First Time Home Buyer, New Construction Inspection, Builder’s One Year Warranty Inspection, and Homeowners Maintenance Inspection. No matter which home inspection our clients require, we provide a detailed report of the property. Our overall review of the home includes structural and mechanical systems for your peace of mind.

Our visual inspections include all major aspects of the home’s interior and exterior, from the foundation to the roof and all areas in between including but not limited to:
• Home systems – heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical
• Insulation & Ventilation
• Appliances
• Fireplace & chimney
• Garage
• If applicable – swimming pool, hot tub, sprinkler systems

We invite you to join us during the inspection. If you can’t join us for the entire inspection, we suggest joining us for the last hour when we organize the report of our findings so that we can answer any questions you have. Even after you’ve had a chance to review the report, we are always available to answer any questions.

Termite Inspection

We often suggest an additional Termite or Wood Destroying Insect Inspection be added to your home inspection or as a stand-alone inspection. Often lenders will require this as well. Termite and WDI damage often occurs inside walls or in areas that can’t be seen with the naked eye. We know the signs of damage and will provide suggestions for solutions if we find termites on your property.