Top Quality Home Inspection in Leander TX

As a family-owned company, H2H Professional Inspections, LLC understands the residents of Leander TX want a thorough home inspection. Whether this your first time purchasing a home or second, as certified and licensed inspectors we will provide a thorough inspection so you will have all the knowledge you require before making your final decision. With 40 years in construction, we have the experience and knowledge to review your property to provide the answers you need!

Home Inspection

Our home inspectors will review the entire exterior and interior of your home. When we are finished, we provide a complete report to each client with our findings. We include images as well to clarify any findings. We invite you to join us during the home inspection to learn more about the property.

There are a variety of home inspections that enable you to learn about the structure and systems of the home that we offer:
• Buyer Inspection
• First Time Home Inspection
• Seller Inspection
• New Construction Inspection
• Builder One Year Warranty Inspection
• Maintenance Inspection

We’ll include electric, plumbing, HVAC systems, check all rooms, flooring, insulation, windows, outlets, chimney, railings, all appliances and every area in between! For your peace of mind, call us today to schedule your inspection to know the entire interior and exterior from the foundation to the roof is safe for you and your family.

Termite Inspection

Termite damage can often be seen when it’s reached an expensive level that needs repair! Most lenders will require a Termite Inspection, but we also suggest before you purchase any property, you include a Termite Inspection. Termite and Wood Destroying Insects (WDI) create damage in areas that are often unseen until it’s too late. As highly experienced home inspectors, we know the signs to look for of termite and WDI presence in a home. If we do discover termites, we will provide solutions to remove them.